The Narradew Group The Narradew Group

Muru Mittigar Staff Consultative Committee

Muru Mittigar as a community based business values the contributions made by the staff towards the future of the organisation and its ongoing development as an independant and unique business model. As an Aboriginal organisation we value the traditional values of our communities and seek to interpret into our business structure our respect for the wisdom of our elders, our need for self determination and our need for autonomy. The Staff Consultative Committee has been included in our management structure to ensure that these important requirements are met.

The Principle aim of the the Narradew Group will be to provide a forum whereby the community of Muru Mittigar are consulted on matters involving the ongoing implementation of cultural change within the organisation.

The Narrdew Group's secondary aim is to provide a forum whereby policies and procedures are discussed and voted on, and recommendations are prepared for Board approval and implementation by the management team.

It is envisaged that the Narradew will monitor and report on the success if the Strategic Plan, interpret business models and plans, and develop and make recommendations to the Board on matters which relate but are not limited to:

It is important  that the Narradew committe members represent different work sections to ensure a diversity of views and give a wide range of representatives to maximise approachability. Nomination will be sought from the staff members who are not represented on the management group and from the various key result areas.


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